I spent a good deal of the weekend sitting at my desk analyzing data about myself. Most of it was financial (i.e. every transaction I made in 2010), but I also looked at some health-related data (one of my Christmas presents was a Fitbit). I rather enjoy this type of granular data, and I thought I’d share some pieces of it with you today.

  • I spent $1,144.16 on groceries in 2010. I had friends over for dinner a few times and split the bill with them, so my net grocery spending was $1,091.94. $82.35 of this was spent while I was still living and eating on campus; I bought granola, rice, soy sauce, and corn to make up for the lack of adequate food service on Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings. On average, I’ve spent $144.23 per month on groceries since moving out on my own.
  • I paid three utilities in 2010: electricity, internet, and gas. Electricity counted for 52% of my utility spending at $212.00, internet access cost a total of $154.22, and the gas bill totaled $38.47. It certainly helped that I was able to split each of those with my roommates; otherwise, those numbers would have been significantly higher.
  • Speaking of gas, one of my favorite things to track has been my car’s fuel consumption. I got a Prius last January, and, though I didn’t start tracking the exact number of gallons purchased until October 15 (at which point my odometer was at 5,316), I know that I’ve gotten 45.1 MPG on average since then. My best driving in terms of fuel consumption was between October 15 and October 17, when I drove 401 miles and averaged 51.41 MPG. I filled up 27 times over the year. I also know that I can drive 16.35 miles per dollar (and each mile costs $0.06).
  • In terms of health, the data is just starting to roll in, but I have some initial stats from the last few weeks. I took 10,485 steps on December 31 and walked 5.12 miles on January 3.  I ate 1963 calories’ worth of food on Friday and burned 2113. I went to bed at 0:54 Sunday morning and it took me 11 minutes to fall asleep. I was in bed for 6 hours and 23 minutes, getting up at 7:17. Notably, I usually go to bed within a few minutes of 22:30 and am awoken between one and four times during the night, but I was awoken seven times on Sunday.

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  1. Derrick Rohl says:

    I hadn’t heard of the Fitbit before… let me know how you like it in the long run – sounds like it spits out a lot of info!

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