I have, slowly but surely, been switching myself over to measuring systems I think make more sense. At this point, I’m pretty much there. What have I chosen to use?

  • 24-hour clock (AM/PM makes no sense when you use a clock instead of looking for where in the sky the sun is)
  • Celsius (You use Fahrenheit?! How do you know how cold it is?)
  • KPH (I can go 100 on the highway without getting pulled over.)
  • kg (I weigh 68.3 kilograms. I bet I can convert that to 68,300 grams in my head faster than you can convert 150 pounds to 2,400 ounces!)

Why have I been making the switch even though the rest of my country hasn’t?

Because it’s the right thing to do. No TV station will start broadcasting the weather report in Celsius until their viewers understand it. The FHA won’t switch the MUTCD over to metric until a lot of people are asking them to do so. And the only way that’ll happen is if you, me, and a whole bunch of other smart people start using better measuring systems in our daily lives.

Pretty much the rest of the world uses the metric system. Why is America still on the English system? Because we don’t like change. Well, I’ve decided to suck it up and take a stand. I’d encourage you to do the same!

One thought on “Why use the metric system?

  1. Derrick Rohl says:

    Coincidentally, I’ve been thinking about that a lot too. It’s a little hard to ignore when you’re in a country using the metric system. When we buy cheese and lunchmeat any produce, it’s all based on grams or kilograms and it’s really logical and easy to keep track of everything that way.

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